concrete paving services in Auckland and the North Shore

Concrete paving can really improve the appeal of your home. If you live in Auckland or the North Shore, please contact us!

Concrete Paving Auckland & North Shore

Perfect concrete finishes are a real skill, and can look fantastic done well. With over 30 years of experience in providing top quality concrete paving in Auckland and the North Shore, Epic360 are experts in ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

We can deliver professional concrete finishes from large commercial car parks and industrial areas to residential driveways, patios and even edging throughout Auckland and the North Shore area. Ensuring both quality of work and quality of project management, Epic360 are driven by the customer experience. Durable and beautiful, Auckland’s concrete solutions from Epic360 are managed and monitored throughout the build, with a complete range of equipment being operated by highly skilled, experienced operators to ensure that the correct tool is used, and the most efficient, accurate and quality concrete finish is provided.

There are a huge range of concrete finishes available to the Auckland and North Shore area, with different aggregates and oxide colours providing almost endless finishes and styles. When choosing and laying concrete in Auckland, experience cannot be underestimated. With over 35 years of experience in laying concrete in Auckland and the North Shore, we ensure that you have access to all of our knowledge and understanding of the materials, their finishing and their durability.

This extends to the use of recycled material. In the correct project, used well, recycled concrete can provide brilliant value for money. Crushed, cleaned and reformed, recycled concrete can be ideal for many projects, when in the right hands; and with 35 years of experience, we are happy to explore the options with you during any concrete project in Auckland and the North Shore.

Included within the service, Epic360 can remove old concrete, which can be remodelled and reused on other projects within the Auckland and North Shore region. We can remove, carry and dispense of concrete and other debris from even the more difficult to access site in accordance with the highest safety and environmental standards.