Metal Delivery North Shore and Auckland

Gravel and metal delivery North Shore and Auckland

Epic360 gravel and driveway metal delivery North Shore and Auckland

Alongside topsoil, sand, concrete and more, Epic360 specialise in metal delivery in Auckland and the North Shore. Ideal for driveways and quick draining solutions, metal aggregate has a thousand uses. Picking the correct grade is important, which is all part of the service. We can provide top quality metal delivery for all grades, and if required, we can lay it too.

The most common of metal delivery in Auckland and the North Shore are General All Passing (GAP) 8, 10, 20, 40, 65 & 100, but there are hundreds to choose from. Each groundwork solution requires a different metal grade, but no need to worry, with over 30 years of experience in completing top quality metal delivery solutions, Epic360 will be able to quickly identify the best solution for your project.

Sourced from high quality quarries from across New Zealand, we can provide large quantities at short notice, with quality guaranteed. All our metal and aggregates are inspected regularly as they leave the quarry to ensure that there are no discrepancies , and the metal is going to act as expected. By speaking to one of our experienced groundworkers, we can ensure that the correct size and standard of metal is delivered for your project, and that the delivery, laying and finishing meets even the most exacting of standards.

With different grades of metal, come different prices, meaning that we can provide metal delivery in Auckland and the North Shore to perfectly match almost any project for scale and budget. Selecting the correct grade is half the battle won, and the other half is won by the skill and experience of our drivers and groundworkers who can produce fast, efficient and effective metal solutions. Epic360 prides itself in providing the perfect customer experience, ensuing that the standard of delivery exceeds the expectation for the project.