Outstanding in every respect

I would like to thank Epic360 Civil for sending the best Team to manage my project.

The Team at Epic360 have been outstanding in every respect, approachable, friendly, given advice where needed and also kept us informed of every step in the progress.

PS: I spoke to the neighbour and he said “Good company you got to do your job”

Thank you again. Take care and keep up the good work.

Property Owner – New Home Build Project, Dairy Flat

Really helpful

“Epic360 was a lot better than what I am used to. The operator was really helpful and obliging. He encountered issues on the job with roots and drainage while drilling and dealt with it with no issues. Will definitely use you on future work.”

Custom Living Construction

Perfect with documentation

“Epic 360 are very good at handling last minute calls from us that have tight or difficult access for earthworks and site works. They are very good at coming up with solutions that work which is very handy for us. Brendon at Epic 360 is very transparent and straight up and down. I’ve got a background in Quantity Surveying and all the costs and charges from Epic 360 are always perfect with documentation that is 100% accurate. I recommend the services of Epic 360 because Brendon is always proactive and often suggests solutions to do things better. He will look all around at the close quarries and will suggest ways to get the trucks moving more cost effectively and efficiently. Brendon is checking another site for us right now and after looking at our construction methodology has made some suggestions on how we can do things better. This added value service and help is both valuable and much appreciated.”

Matthew Poninghaus
Haus Projects Ltd

Always thinking ahead

“I’ve been enjoying using the services of Epic 360 for many years now. Epic 360 have a real depth of resources with excellent drivers and a large variety of diggers and other equipment. I find the Epic 360 team are great at communicating and nothing ever fazes them. I know that whenever I use Epic 360 to do earthworks (or other work) on my building projects I will always get good people who show up on time and do an excellent job. That makes my life a lot easier and is much appreciated. I recommend Epic 360 to other builders because they are very good at what they do and they are super responsive at the same time. Their drivers are always fully engaged have a great attitude and are always thinking ahead. I really like the Epic 360 culture. It produces friendly, positive people who are go out of their way to be of help. The Epic 360 team have a huge amount of experience and really know their stuff. If you use their services you are in good hands.”

John Love
Love Construction Ltd

Good range of machinery

“Epic360 have a good range of machinery, including various size diggers & bobcats and good operators to do the earthworks and site works on a number of our building projects. I also get to choose the operators I want on the equipment which is very useful.  Another thing I really like about using Epic360 is that they are all good guys and go out of their way to get the job done.

They are also a good size business as well. They are big enough to have some serious man power but small enough to still be personable. I would highly recommend their services for any medium to large residential project.”

Nik Senior
Venture Architectural
Venture Architectural

Good work

“I like using the services of Epic360 because communication with Brendon and his staff is very good. In the construction industry there are invariably issues that come up on any project. Brendon and his team deal with these issues promptly and usually with a good result. I am very familiar with how Epic360 works. There are never any surprises and they do good work.”

Warren Thorburn

Professionalism in everything

“I really like the responsiveness of Epic360. A big benefit of using their services is their access to a wide range of equipment. I highly recommend Epic360 to other businesses in the construction industry because they have a high level of professionalism in everything they do. This professionalism is right through their whole company from Brendon Booth at the top, to his operations manager and all his team.”

Dominic George
Encore Building Services

Great range of equipment

“I use the services of Epic360 because they are good to deal with and do what they say they will do.
The one word I would use to describe their business is reliability.
An advantage they have in their field is that they have good resources behind them with a great range of equipment.” 

Pieter Oosterbaan
Beacon Construction

A One Stop Shop

“I first heard about Epic360 from my brother in law who is a builder and told me how good they were. We’ve used Epic360 for concreting, retaining walls, site works and earthworks. Brendon the owner of Epic360 is a very personable and friendly person and I know that I can introduce him to any of my clients and he will make a great impression with them.

Epic360 are pretty well a one stop shop for all foundation type work. They can do the excavating and take away the dirt. They can also bring in the hard fill and move that around. This eliminates the hassle of getting several suppliers to do different jobs. With Brendon and his team one phone call gets everything done.

I highly recommend Epic360 because they have a great team and do an excellent job.

They are also excellent communicators so I know exactly what is happening at all times. One of the nicest things about Brendon is that he is one of the few contractors I have ever come across who has a “price conscience”. In other words he genuinely cares what it will cost his clients to have something done. So he does everything he can to make sure the price his clients pay is always a fair price.

At the end of the day it is critical to my business success to have outstanding contractors that I can use on my building projects and Brendon and his team at Epic360 are definitely in that category.”

Zane Raphael
Renovation Builders

They know exactly what we want

“I use Brendon and his team at Epic 360 to do the earthworks and site work on many of our building projects.

One of the things I like most about using Epic 360 is that I know they always have all the gear and equipment that is needed for any job they do for us and is always in good condition.

I’ve tried other earthworks companies and have been disappointed at how often they turn up to do a job and don’t have the right equipment.

A good example is one project where we had a drive way to rip up and the earthworks company we had hired didn’t have a rock hammer to break up the drive.

Epic 360 on the other hand have rock hammers and every other piece of equipment that would ever be needed on any job they do.

We have a great relationship with Epic 360. They know exactly what we want on every job we give them and always deliver what we want in a timely manner, their quotes and estimates are very clear and accurate on what is and is not being allowed for in the scope of work.

Highly recommended.”

Adam Leonard

Highly recommended

“We have been using the services of Epic360 for a number of years now. We use their services for earthworks, asphalting, resealing, commercial demolition and more. Brendon the owner is very easy to deal with and super flexible as well. He is also prompt in getting back to me whenever I contact him. His people are very friendly and if there is ever any issue it is always sorted out quickly. Epic360 is very convenient for me to use and they always do great work. Highly recommended.”

Carl Mason
Carl Mason Builders

Always had a positive outcome

“I’ve been using Brendon and his team at Epic360 to do the earthworks and site work on many of our building projects for around four years now. One of the most valuable benefits I get from using Brendon is that he consistently gives us prices that are accurate and that we can rely on. (This is something I look for in all the contractors we use and this is much more important than having someone give us the cheapest price.) I’ve found in the past that using contractors who give the cheapest price is very much a hit and miss affair when it comes to the quality of the work, unexpected costs, delays and so on. I would much rather have a good contractor give us an accurate price up front.

With Brendon and his team doing the earthworks and site works on our building projects we’ve always had a positive outcome and we know exactly how we are going in terms of budget at any point of a project.
I also like the way that, although Brendon has a good team of people working for him, I can still contact him at any time if I need to.

He sees the big picture of what is happening and what is important to the success of our building projects and this adds a lot of value to us.”

Wade Haldane

Really impressed

We were really impressed by Epic360. The quality of the job done, the professionalism of their staff, the clean up at the end and their general “can do” attitude were all great. We cannot recommend them enough. Thank you to Brendon and his team.

Thank you

Hattie and James Heneghan

Building site excavation

Your operator did a really good job.

Builder, Bayview

Fill in old swimming pool and landscaping work

Your digger driver was great and did a sterling job, he was a real credit to your company and I will recommend Epic360 in future when I hear of jobs requiring contractors

Architect, Takapuna

Bulk Excavation, subsoil drainage and topsoil supply and spreading

Thank you for all the work, it looks great.

Church Board Member, Albany

Spreading soil with skidsteer loader (rubber tracked bobcat)

Thank your team for a job well done

Home Owner, Greenhithe

Commercial concrete replacement project

The concrete job is first class, well done!

Property Manager, Henderson

Spreading topsoil with skidsteer loader (rubber tracked bobcat)

Many Thanks – great job!

Property Manager, Kings College