Health and Safety and Environmental Systems

Epic360 understands its corporate responsibility to the North Shore, Auckland and New Zealand community, to its employees, its clients and to the environment. We take environmental, health and safety and social issues seriously and we listen and act on any concerns raised.

We make it our duty and obligation to extend all necessary actions to undertake all work in an environmentally safe and friendly manner. We also ensure that our employees follow a strict standard of health and safety procedures while on site. These standards are universally practiced and accepted in our industry.

As part of our services, we provide:

  • Thorough inspection and detailed study of any issues that might affect the project
  • Comprehensive health and safety checks and inspections on site
  • Regular safety meetings

We deliver:

  • A well-structured and comprehensive health and safety and environmental plan
  • Timely monitoring reports

For questions or concerns, you can contact us. We take health and safety and environmental issues seriously. We will listen and consider all issues to be able to deliver a high quality output safely and within the required timeframe of the project.