Building consent axed for low-risk home projects

Changes to the Building Act mean that a range of buildings and construction can soon be undertaken without having to apply for a costly building consent.

Using machine control systems on projects of all sizes

Digger Hire North Shore and Auckland

Over the last few years we’ve seen companies of all sizes benefiting from the advantages of machine control products and technology.

How to subdivide your property

Epic 360 provide an extensive construction service for subdivision developments throughout the North Shore and Auckland

Whether you own a small residential section or a large lifestyle block, if your land is too big to meet your needs and you wish to divide the property into two or more separate land titles, then the process you will need to go through is called ‘subdivision’.

Do you need a retaining wall?

offset gravitational forces and prevent the retained earth from slipping down with erosion over time or in bad weather

Build a retaining wall to offset gravitational forces and prevent the retained earth from slipping down with erosion over time or in bad weather

Landscaping advice for steep sections


No matter which way you slice it, a slope may appear difficult to landscape. Whether your house is at a higher elevation with your land sloping down and away from it, or the land slopes down to meet your house, there are landscaping solutions available for you.

Keep your concrete driveway clean with these 4 simple steps!

A New Zealand House

Though concrete is one of the most durable options you can choose for your driveway, it is not indestructible and requires regular care.

How to avoid light pollution at a new subdivision.

Sky glow is a combination of reflected and refracted light with the atmosphere

Constant exposure to artificial lighting may interfere with human metabolism and sleep. Luckily, light pollution is reversible. Take action to rein in your own light practices and spread the word to others.

How high can my fence be around my subdivision?

How tall can I build my fence

If you are planning to build a subdivision or even just mark the borders of a piece of land, you may be wondering about the council’s restrictions on the height of your boundary fence. Let us help you.

Concrete vs Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveway

When tossing up between asphalt and concrete for your new driveway, you must consider two key things. Firstly, the overall durability of the medium you choose and, secondly, the overall cost of the installation.

Choosing the right grass and topsoil

Grass and Topsoil

Like choosing the right colour for your home, choosing the right grass for your backyard can be challenging. A lawn can be easy to take care of if you do your homework in the beginning. So let’s take the guess work out of our choice and get you started.