Building consent axed for low-risk home projects

Changes to the Building Act mean that a range of buildings and construction can soon be undertaken without having to apply for a costly building consent.

Do you need a retaining wall?

offset gravitational forces and prevent the retained earth from slipping down with erosion over time or in bad weather

Build a retaining wall to offset gravitational forces and prevent the retained earth from slipping down with erosion over time or in bad weather

10 benefits of concrete paving for outdoor entertainment areas

paved concrete path

When you’re on the verge of creating an outdoor entertainment area, you may want to consider using concrete paving. As well as being incredibly versatile, it can save you money.

10 reasons topsoil delivery is better than breaking in a new garden

topsoil delivered in Auckland

Are you ready to bring out the best in your garden, but you don’t want to break it in? Then you might want to consider the benefits of using topsoil, which includes saving time, better nutrients, and a reduced risk of soil erosion.

Retaining walls for creating more usable outdoor areas

auckland retaining walls

Are you interested in getting more out of your garden? Whether you’d like to make it safer or create a unique flowerbed, you may want to consider retaining walls. Thanks to their versatility, they’re ideal for diversifying outdoor areas.

Why digging foundations and moving earth by hand is madness

digging your own foundations

While digging foundations by hand may at first seem like a great way to save money, you may eventually find it’s a one-way route to weeks of boredom and pain. Before taking this approach, consider hiring machinery instead.

Why hiring a bobcat will save your back, your wallet, and your marriage!

Epic360 bobcat hire Auckland and the North Shore

Whether you’re laying topsoil or completing an ambitious landscaping project, hiring a bobcat has the potential to make everything run smoother. Not only are you likely to finish faster, you can save yourself back breaking manual labour and reduce the risk of injuries.

7 ways you can hurt yourself hiring an excavator

Epic360 Excavator Hire Auckland and the North Shore

If hiring an excavator and using it yourself seems like an attractive prospect, you may want to consider the risk of injury these machines pose. Unless you’re a trained professional, there’s even a chance that some of these injuries could result in death.